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Compare Free/Basic/Pro Autoresponders

Autoresponder comparison - Compare LPV(Low Price Version), Basic and Pro version php follow up autoresponders :: between features like autoresponder, messages, subscribers ...

Feature comparision of Follow up Autoresponder BASIC and PRO Compare Autoresponders -  Follow up Autoresponder LPV(Low Price Version), BASIC and PRO versions - Drip Email Marketing Software!


  Follow up Autoresponder LPV
Follow up Autoresponder LPV
Follow up Autoresponder BASIC
Follow up Autoresponder BASIC
Follow up Autoresponder PRO
Follow up Autoresponder PRO

Unlimited autoresponders Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited follow up messages Yes Yes Yes
'Double opt-in' feature Yes
Html code generation Yes Yes Yes
Autoresponder form can be on multiple web sites? Yes Yes Yes
File attachment Yes Yes Yes
Personalization of email messages Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Size of messages Yes Yes Yes
HTML Editor Integration Yes Yes Yes
Duplicate email checking Yes Yes Yes
Automatic un/subscriptions Yes Yes Yes
Broadcast Emails (Single or one time emails) Yes Yes
Subscribers Management Yes Yes Yes
Edit your subscribers profile Yes Yes Yes
Extra Form Fields Yes - only 10 Form fields. Yes - only 10 Form fields. Yes - Unlimited Form fields.
Custom fields Yes - only 5 Custom fields. Yes - only 5 custom fields. Yes - Unlimited Custom fields.
Save Broadcast emails Yes - only 3 messages saved. Yes - only 3 messages saved. Yes - Save Unlimited messages.
Backup Database Yes - only 3 backups saved. Yes - only 3 backups saved. Yes- Unlimited backups saved.
Import/Export subscribers X X Yes.  BOTH using Form,  csv and text files.
Specific redirect urls X X Redirect urls and customized html code can be placed.
Email Un/subscriptions X X Yes
Text link back to our web site  from form and email messages Yes X X
Subscriber Edit profile X X Yes
Banned Emails
X X Yes
Banned IPs
Links to previous messages X X Yes
Javascript Subscription form X X Yes
TRACKtheCLICK integration X X Yes
Preview Messages X X Yes
Copy Messages X X Yes
Scheduling messages X X Yes
Task List X X Yes
Affiliate link integration X X
Multiple form subscriptions X X Yes
Copy Subscribers X X Yes
Subscribers Bulk delete X X Yes
Subscribers can edit profile X X Yes
Optimize Database X X Yes
Bounced Email Management X X Yes
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