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Php Autoresponder for sending HTML newsletters - Follow up Autoresponder LPV (Low Price Version) - Email marketing script.

php autoresponder Follow up Autoresponder LPV (Low Price Version) - Send online email ecourses with php autoresponder!

Follow up Autoresponder LPV


automatic responder basic version features    Main Features:

  • Web based email list management php autoresponder software
  • Unlimited Autoresponders
  • Unlimited follow up email messages in each auto responder
  • Broadcast Email Feature
  • Bounced Email management - Using nslookup of the server
  • Multiple backups with Backup database feature
  • Subscribers profile editing
  • HTML/TEXT messages - send html newsletters
  • Email personalization - Email personalized by form tags and custom tags.
  • Double Opt-in feature
  • FIVE Custom fields. You can send Ads, Signature files etc
  • TEN Form fields
  • Default Redirect URLs after subscriber subscriptions.
  • Broadcast Email message saving and use them for any autoresponders
  • A small link will be displayed in the form code of the autoresponders. You must not remove it.
  • All emails goes with a link to our web site.
  • More Details...

autoresponder demo    Demo:

demo autoresponder

Click on the above image to access admin panel demo login information.

Some of the features are disabled in demo.

autoresponder linux, php, mysql    System Requirements:

  • Unix, Linux, FreeBSD. (Not tested on Windows)
  • PHP version- 5.2.x+
  • Mysql version- 4.1+
  • Sendmail / Exim / Qmail
  • Cron for sending follow up messages
  • One SQL database
  • Ask your host - "Can I install and run the php scripts that are encrypted by ioncube encoder?" More info on ioncube loaders
  • More Details...

buy autoresponder    Purchasing Information:

Script Price: $7.00
Script Installation Service: $25.00
Click Here To buy Follow up autoresponder LPV.
Click Here To purchase Installation service for Follow up Autoresponder LPV.

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